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Now for the shipping...


The nicest pieces in the world mean nothing if they don't arrive safely. Every order is hand-packed, in house. We don't run down to the local shipping store so they can throw some foam peanuts in a box with a heavy glass dish. Guess what? The dish will settle to the bottom, where it will likely get shattered. We NEVER use foam peanuts as our main packing material. We also DO NOT use crumpled plastic bags as packing material for shipping. A nominal fee of $2.00 per order (NOT per item) is added to cover the cost of packing materials and shipping supplies.

All of our glassware (and most other items, too) are wrapped with several layers of NEW foam sheeting, between and around each piece. Depending on the item, bubble wrap or additional foam is placed under, over, and around the wrapped item. To date, we have shipped thousands of packages, and only know of a few that sustained damage. We offer USPS shipping options. You may choose whichever method you prefer.

PLEASE NOTE: Some items can be shipped via USPS Priority Flat Rate. Most common are Corning A-1-B and A-1.5-B, P-1-B, and P-1 1/2-B, dishes. Any other items that can be shipped at this rate, will be. 

Multiple Item Orders sometimes ship cheaper than the shipping calculator shows. Rest assured, the difference will always be refunded via paypal. We are NOT in the business of making money on shipping!

Shipping Insurance can be added to your order upon request. Prevailing USPS rates apply, depending on total amount of purchase. Please note that you want insurance added when you place an order. Invoice will be adjusted. UPS rates include $100 insurance automatically.

Shipping Time: Orders are shipped one day a week ONLY. Please consider this when placing orders that may be time-sensitive.

Store Pick Up is NOT available.

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